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Make sure that excess rain water goes down the drain with our variety of high quality drainage and rain water management solutions. We supply a range of innovative rainwater management solutions to help you rid yourself of any drainage issues.

All of the products available from Yorkshire Timber and Builders Merchants are sourced from well known manufacturers, so you can be assured that you are buying the very best for your property.

Our drainage solutions are divided into two categories; above ground and below ground. The above ground range we have in stock include efficient and reliable gutters, soil pipes and drainage channels for the removal of waste and rainwater. For below ground drainage solutions, we provide pipe, couplings, ducts and ancillaries in plastic and clay.

We can provide you with rainwater systems in a number of different profiles, from aluminium guttering to lightweight fascias. In addition, we also stock access covers, gratings and a comprehensive range of manhole covers to keep your drainage system neatly tucked away and safe from accidents.

It’s not just drainage we can help with, as we also provide high performance septic tanks and sewage treatment options for your property. Septic tanks partially treat sewage and low quality waste, whereas sewage treatment options are commonly used to prevent pollution of the environment and groundwaters. If you are unsure which product you need, then one of our team would be happy to discuss your options with you.

Don’t settle for anything less than the superior rainwater and drainage management products we supply from our brand new showroom. Pay us a visit to browse through the variety of surface water solutions we have in stock.

Drainage & RW Management

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Guttering & Pipe

Guttering, pipes and underground drainage actively prevent homes from water damage. Assuring the safety of the foundations of any structure, they decrease water exposure by carrying the water away from the base. Roof guttering in particular helps to avoid:

  • Backsplash
  • Washouts/erosion
  • Flooded basements

Yorkshire Timber & Builders Merchant provides a wide selection of guttering and pipes that come with complementary fittings. Available in different colours such as black, white and brown our gutters can be:

  • Round gutter
  • Square gutter
  • Ogee gutter (High capacity)
  • Full flow gutter (High capacity)
  • Cast iron effect gutter

As a UK market leader, we use our strong relationships with manufacturers to buy guttering, downpipe and underground drainage solutions in large volumes. This buying power allows us to offer you high quality products at low prices.