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Developed as a universal breather membrane, Powerlon UltraPerm is a high performance underlay for all roof designs. It can be used on warm and cold, supported and un-supported, ventilated and un-ventilated roofs.

It is a non-woven composite membrane with exceptional water vapour transmission, hydrophobic (water repellent) characteristics and good UV stabilisation. The membrane also has good air barrier characteristics designed to improve the air-tightness of the building.

Powerlon UltraPerm is a top of the range third generation breather membrane for traditional cold roofs and modern warm roof installations. Powerlon UltraPerm is tough, tear resistant and durable with superior performance to traditional felts.

Powerlon UltraPerm is BBA certified for warm and cold, supported and un-supported, ventilated and un-ventilated roof constructions and covers the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

  • Non-woven composite high performance underlay
  • Tough, durable and tear resistant
  • BBA certified for roofs and walls
  • CE Marking
  • Tested to the latest BS 5534:2014+A1:2015 standards
  • Exceptional water vapour permeability
  • Water repellent with good UV stability

Powerlon® is a Registered Trade Name of Industrial Textiles & Plastics Ltd

Powerlon Breather Membrane

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