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Our customers favour machine cast lead – and not just because it’s more affordable than rolled…

Machine cast lead is all made onsite in the UK – to very precise operating standards. Every part of the process is scrupulously checked and verified to ensure that all of our machine cast lead meets the required standards of:

  • The British Board of Agreement (certificate no. 86/1764).
  • The European Construction Products Regulation (CPR) – our machine cast is CE marked to BS EN 14783.

Machine cast lead is an incredibly efficient weather-proofing material:

  • Unlike rolled, machine cast lead has a clean non-oily finish, so it’s ready for use straightaway.
  • It can be fitted in all weather – that is not possible with other non-lead weatherproofing materials.
  • Once fitted, machine cast lead just needs a single coat of patination oil – then you can forget all about it – it won’t stain or deteriorate.

Machine cast lead is wonderfully versatile. It is the green, durable roofing material of choice in the construction trade. It is the safe choice for the construction of lead-lined boards in the healthcare sector. And it’s an effective noise stopper used for soundproofing and can protect against radiation too.


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